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Indoor Strains

Fall 2022 Aggregate Blend
Day Trip
Diesel Dosi
Kosher Kush Breath
Love Butter
More Cowbell
Nuclear Chem
Star Dawg
Sunshine 4

Sungrown Strains

Fall 2022 Aggregate Blend
Garlic Breath
Grease Monkey
Lemon Dosidos
Love Butter
Sunshine 4
Wedding Breath

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Customer Reviews

Cannabis Love

“FTHCo products are solventless and made with ❤. A product we feel great about carrying!”

– Magic Mann

"I love your Sunshine #4 [THC],, thank you for growing that stuff. I'm a longtime imbiber that has found a new addition to his top 3 strains."

- Sam

"I use it almost every day now and my skin is so soft and balanced. I had my sister use some after a day in the sun. The vitamins from the goats milk work alongside the CBD and provided her amazing relief.”

- Ali, Garcia's CBD Shop


- Green State Dispensary

"Nicest stardawg I’ve seen!"

- Ari Fishman, Zen Barn Farms

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