Shaolin Gleaux


High Alpine Genetics organically grown CBD seed.

The F1 Fighter Line was designed as a early harvesting photoperiod variety with true hybrid vigor aka heterosis. With this hybrid vigor the farmer should expect heavy yields with the majority of their plants turning bright pink to dark purple. When planted in May this variety should harvest early, September.

This new line of seeds features Alpen Gleaux pollen donor dominate in terpinolene. CBD:THC ratios should clock in around 30:1. It is highly recommended to do your harvest report early So that you are able to harvest your flowers at the correct ripeness. Due to the early nature of this seed line these varieties can be grown In zones 1-9

Shaolin Gleaux is displaying terpenes reminiscent of grapefruit and perfume; this variety is a perfect selection for indoor and outdoor smokeable flower.