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We’re a family of scientists and farmers who grow organic hemp. Our top priority is producing fine cannabis. From soil to oil, all of our products are handcrafted here. We’re single-source, vertically-integrated, and solventless (our extraction process is free of all chemicals).

Family Tree Hemp Co. is our labor of love. Our uniqueness comes from our all-natural approach and the House Blend we’ve created (read more below), along with our history, practices and our land.

Our organic sun grown botanicals grow hillside with water fed by Sheldon Springs. In the late 1800s, Sheldon, Vermont was the leading water resort of the United States based on the healing minerals contained in the Springs here.

We commit to quality control each step of our process — from cultivation techniques and regenerative farming to small-batch manufacturing and independent lab-testing throughout

All of these efforts allows us to make truly special, clean, and effective CBD.

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From Start to Finish

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Ben’s parents settled in Vermont from Brooklyn in the 1960s while seeking a quieter life. They built their home here, now Family Tree. Ben grew up on the farm and learned about commercial growing.

Jane and Ben are life partners and best friends. They spent their early days together producing yoga events and music festivals on the property. They married on the front lawn and shared homebirth here, too. A few years later Family Tree Hemp Company was born on the land… the story is still being written.

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Who We Are and What We Believe

Nationwide there are very few organic, solventless, CBD companies. We’re happy to be among them. The products we make respect the planet and our consumers. Our certified organic CBD rosin (the concentrate which infuses our product line) is singly sourced from our certified organic hemp farm.

Family Tree is vertically integrated so that we can manage all aspects of our operation. We nurture our plants as we do our children, who may be small but are a large part of the team.

We carefully harvest, dry, stem cure, mechanically extract, and process our material in-house. Each product (except the gummies which are made in a certified commercial kitchen for cannabis) are carefully crafted here.

All of our production batches are uniquely ID’d to allow complete traceability of raw material to finished good.

We’re scientifically experienced cannabis cultivators with backgrounds in manufacturing engineering, brand and marketing development and holistic health.

Our Team

Family Tree Documentary

This commercial was made for Guy’s Farm & Yard by Mt. Mansfield Media, featuring the early days of Family Tree.

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