Grower Stories #144: Ben Lanza for

Grower Stories #144: Ben Lanza
Tia Moskalenko for
published on January 28, 2022

Family Tree Focuses on Handcrafted, Organic, and Sustainably Grown CBD Products

The AskGrowers team chats with the co-founder of Family Tree, Ben Lanza, to discuss his company’s history and focus. Ben talks about the roots of the company and how it focuses on creating sustainable and organic CBD products that are science-driven and solventless. He also gives his insight into the future of the cannabis industry, names some of his favorite strains to smoke, and also talks about the story behind the company’s unique CBD goat milk powder. #growerstories

“Hello! My name is Ben Lanza, Co-Founder of Family Tree Hemp company. I was born in 1983 in Vermont and grew up in the house that is now the operating headquarters for our hemp farm and product company. ” Read the whole interview.

“Tia : Back in the old times, cannabis united diverse people. Do you preserve these old traditions? If yes, what do you do about that?

Ben Lanza : I really can’t think of much that bridges the gap between people more than sharing cannabis.”

Read the whole interview.

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